Process of Working

1. Customer Focus
    Our recruitment company provides more than just matching our customer needs and requirements. We carry out our services by directly involving ourselves with the management to study and observe company’s culture and environment. We would also study the job description in detail to gain information on its nature. Through this, we believe that we are matching the needs and also, we will be providing the right candidate who would fit the job role in a holistic view.

2. Hunting for candidate and in-house interview
    Once we know our client’s job requirements, the next procedure is to hunt for the top resume. By this, we will scout for the right candidate who will fit job description in a holistic and detailed view. We will source our top resume from different channels such as advertising and referrals.

    A one on one interview with the prospect candidate will then follow and we will explain the job content in detail. A suitable test will be provided to the candidate in order to examine the candidate’s character, attitude, English proficiency, etc. Through this, the candidate will have full understanding of the job role and will know what is to be expected of the candidate. It is also our duty ensure that a candidate will land on the right job.

3. Submitting potential resume to customer
    After the candidate’s assessment and interview, we will then forward a resume report to the customer along with our comments on each candidates.

4. Candidate’s interview with customer
    The candidate will then proceed to the next stage where they will be meeting with the customer. Our recruitment company is to liaise the date, time and location of the interview.

5. Customer and candidate’s feedback
    After the interview, we will ask for feedback and assessment of the candidate and of the customer. We will liaise the recruitment process to the next step.

6. Finalizing candidate selection with customer
    After the interview stage, our customer should have selected the right candidate for the job and it is our duty to inform the candidate of their success!

7. Package Processing
    Our recruitment company also will be representing the selected candidate in negotiating the salary and benefits with the customer. After the final package has been agreed, we then proceed to the final stage of the recruitment process where the selected candidate will be passed on the customer.

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