Thai Pro Trio Service

Executive Recruitment
    Thai Pro Trio Recruitment is confident in searching for candidates as we have selected high profile individuals to be in this level. Our objective is to provide a candidate with high level profile and the procedure that has been set is highly effective as we have focused on the interview selection process and gather candidate’s information as much as we can. This will ensure that the candidates selected are suitable for the job role that the Executive level standing requires who can also create goal and introduce policy that will work well with the client’s company. We also look into the candidate’s work experience and character to ensure that these aspects would match the client’s needs. Through this, Thai pro trio believes that we will be able to match the client’s requirement to the assets that we have obtained and it will create a great synergy for both our candidate and clients.

Senior Recruitment
    Thai pro trio focuses in finding a suitable candidate for the Senior level. The objective is to find candidates who have the right experiences and will have to have the right speciality that will ensure that the candidates will be able to match the job’s requirement. This group is going to be the main driving force of the company therefore we focus in finding a candidate who knows the role inside out, able to lead and able to troubleshoot with confidence.

New Generation Recruitment
    The main objective of the New Generation recruitment is to find candidates who has few years of experience in the role but with lots of energy to learn new things and who are eager to increase their job knowledge. This also includes newly undergraduates, master graduate and even PhD graduates.

Reference Check
    The purpose of the reference check service is to create trust and assure our clients that the candidates whom we have selected have gone through a thorough review process. Moreover, this includes reviewing the candidate’s characteristics, education background, even a criminal records and others hidden skills that they may possess that will bring benefits to the client’s company. Thai Pro Trio Recruitment will establish a report check list on the client’s work experience and education record. Moreover, this service will also require for the candidate to provide proof of their qualifications.

Headhunting Research
    Thai Pro Trio Recruitment selects the best candidate in the country for the role required by the client. These candidates will have the right educational background, working experience and right characteristics. Thai Pro Trio Recruitment will also select a candidate who is passionate and would like to pursue their career further in the industry of interest. We invest in time to search for the right candidate who is highly professional. Not only do we check a thorough history of the candidate but we will also establish a full report on the industry’s profile of interest ranging from the company’s name, number of branches, location and other significant data on the industry. There will also be a weekly update for our clients to discuss the application and candidate hunting progress.

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